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Green after death: Recycled prosthetics benefit charities

It’s sounds a bit squeamish at first. Sifting through burial ashes to collect screws, rods, iron balls: pieces of hips, knees, and other implanted body parts that once made life easier for loved ones. Yet, for employees at OrthoMetals, a unique recycling company in The Netherlands, it’s all in day’s work. And for 450 funeral homes … Continue reading

Save Money, Recycle Kashi Boxes

Who doesn’t love cereal AND saving money? You can earn points towards coupons for your next purchases of Kashi cereal by recycling specifically marked boxes. Visit Recyclebank.com for more details and to enroll in this unique money saving program!

Dumpster Diving Comes To The Big Screen

I Love Trash is a new documentary for all of us who hate waste, live for recycling and upcycling–– and just plain like the idea of getting good stuff for free. Calling all upcycling junkies…check out this flick from indies David Brown and Greg Mann.  The film follows their quest to go “purchase-less” for a … Continue reading

Weird yes. Recyclable? Absolutely!

I am the proud owner of three garbage bags full of stuffed animals; some cherished keepsakes; but most, Easter/Christmas/Auntie gifts that have piled up over the years. My quandary? Getting rid of these little cuties without adding to the already over-crowded landfills. So I did some research. Turns out there’s a program called Stuffed Animals … Continue reading

Knowaste Technology Recycles Dirty Diapers into New Material

Did you know that in the U.S. an estimated 15 billion disposable diapers are thrown away each year, and in the United Kingdom about 3 billion nappies (also known as diapers) are thrown away? A single diaper takes 500 years to decompose, and while it’s waiting to decompose its hazardous contents slowly contaminate the environment. … Continue reading

Yes Virginia, There Is An Increase In Recycling Rates

Old Dominion recycling rates top 40% for 2010. The Commonwealth of Virginia is making new movement in its push toward sustainability.  According to published 2010 data reports, the state has exceeded expectations by showing a 40.5% recycling rate. Reporting by all 71 solid waste planning units within the state is compelled by a 1989 statewide … Continue reading

PepsiCo Honors Veterans With EVB Donation

On Veterans Day, the PepsiCo Dream Machine recycling initiative fulfilled a promise to America’s veterans.  By making a $500,000 donation to the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV), PepsiCo has helped to give the hope of a brighter future to those who have served our country. “At PepsiCo, we are committed to delivering sustainable … Continue reading

How to be like NHL star Matt “Greene”

LA Kings NHL star Matt Greene shares with Greenopolis TV why he is “King of Green.”

Vancouver Passes Mattress Recycling Law

Did you know that over 10 million mattresses are disposed of every year? These mattresses wind up in our local landfills, taking up major amounts of space.  To reduce the number of mattresses that end up in our landfills you can recycle them. You can either donate them to charity, or take them to a … Continue reading

Fireclay Tile Makes Old Toilets Into Beautiful, Sustainable Tiles

Company incorporates recovered potties into its closed-loop tile making process––with stunning results. Why would FirecClay Tile, Inc., a San Jose, California, based decorative tile maker, be on the lookout for old toilets?  Because the company uses them to create a line of beautiful tiles called the Debris Series. The company has re-purposed over 150 tons … Continue reading