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Weird yes. Recyclable? Absolutely!

I am the proud owner of three garbage bags full of stuffed animals; some cherished keepsakes; but most, Easter/Christmas/Auntie gifts that have piled up over the years. My quandary? Getting rid of these little cuties without adding to the already over-crowded landfills.

So I did some research. Turns out there’s a program called Stuffed Animals for Emergencies, Inc., (SAFE for short). Now, they’re a bit picky (as they should be) in regards to what they will take (clean, gently used, etc) but they have donation locations all over the US for stuffed animal hoarders like me. Nice – problem solved!

But, now I’m on a roll. So, I decided to see what other weird items I could get rid of in an eco-friendly fashion. Below are my finds – and some may surprise you!

1. CD, DVD and hard drive recycling: Back Through The Future Technology Disposal

2. Video tapes (yes, I still have these): Alternative Community Training (ACT)

3. Trophies (I have four children, enough said): AwardsMall.com.

4. Books: Most local libraries

5. Dog collars and leashes: Annies Sweatshop

6. Yoga Mats: (ever quite got the hang of it) The Bolder Mat Company

These ideas suit my weird stuff removal, but to each his own unwanted items.

Look through your cupboards, attics, (under your beds) and make some decisions, then be persistent. You can find a place for almost anything. In the long run, you’ll avoid additional guilt in your life and get a high five from Mother Nature (so worth it).

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2 thoughts on “Weird yes. Recyclable? Absolutely!

  1. Informative article, exactly what I wanted to find.

    Posted by Sue | December 18, 2011, 12:32 pm

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