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Recycling: The Good, The Better, The Best

Our friends at Reuse This Bag forwarded this cool inforgraphic, and we want to share it with you. Suitable for framing! Source:Reusable Bags   You didn’t read it here first, but we keep saying it: Recycling is just common sense. Keep those perfectly good resources coming around again and again. Save energy, preserve habitat, keep … Continue reading

GM Announces The First Hybrid Car Battery designed with a Secondary Use in Mind

Chevy Volt – one of GM’s late entries into the hybrid market and the first mass produced “plug-in” hybrids – will have a battery approved for use in residential and commercial utility grids at the end of its useful life-time in the car. Unlike earlier hybrids, the Volt uses a small gasoline engine just to … Continue reading

12 Reasons to Recycle Beer Cans into a DIY Solar Heater

Build your own pop can solar furnace that can bring 175 degree air onto your home on any sunny day! photo © 2009 Al E. | more info (via: Wylio) Usually we want you to bring all your aluminum beer and soda cans to your nearest Greenopolis Recycling Kiosk or PepsiCo Dream Machine. But as … Continue reading

Recycle America’s Educycle Center Builds Recycling Literacy !

Most of us learned the words “throw that away” long before we learned the word “recycle”.  So maybe some remedial education is in order? I had the opportunity to visit WM’s Recycle America Educycle Center in Grayslake, IL a few weeks back. Lisa Benoit is the education coordinator, tour guide, curator and chief cook and … Continue reading

10 Recycling Mysteries, Solved!

Editors Note: Another in our series of stories from our content partner Earth911.com Candy Wrappers Plastic-coated candy wrappers have long been a recycling dilemma because of their size, weight and lack of valuable, post-life material. But even though they’re tiny in size, they’re everywhere. In fact, Americans consumed 23.8 pounds of candy per capita in … Continue reading

Whole Foods Turns Food Scraps into Compost!

Whole Foods is recognizing the Whole Lifecycle of food- by turning their food scraps and spent produce back to soil to grow again. A WFM project in southern CA is taking food scraps, composting and bagging them and selling them as soil amendments to CA residents. A much larger project is underway in partnership with … Continue reading

10 Things You Never Knew Were Recyclable

10 Things You Never Knew Were Recyclable is a guest post from our content partner Earth 911 Hair. Nope, you didn’t read that wrong. Human hair is compostable and recyclable. Hair from your hairbrush or fur from your pet are full of useful nitrogen that can be thrown in the compost pile. Donating your hair … Continue reading

Why PepsiCo’s New 100% Recycled PET Bottle Matters… More.

Last week PepsiCo Beverages Canada  announced the introduction of the 7UP EcoGreen™ bottle- America’s  first soft drink bottle made from 100 percent recycled PET plastic. 100% recycled PET for carbonated beverages has been a tougher nut to crack because of the pressure on the bottle structure from the carbonation. It has to hold the pressure, … Continue reading

Pepsi Unveils First 100-Percent Recycled Soda Bottle

Editor’s Note: This is another post from our content partner Earth911.com: Why can’t beverage makers recycle plastic soda bottles back into new soda bottles? Creating a 100-recycled, food-grade bottle that can withstand the pressure of carbonation from soft drinks has proven to be a challenge for manufacturers. But now PepsiCo announced it has successfully developed … Continue reading

“Transfer station mining” pulls the value out of trash

  Pilot project lays groundwork for companywide rollout How much of the trash that Waste Management collects is really trash? That question is at the heart of the company’s transformational goal to extract more value from the materials it manages — and it has led to a project called “transfer station mining” that is aimed … Continue reading