Anthony Zolezzi

Anthony was the co-founder of Code Blue Recycling which was acquired by Waste Management and the predecessor to the Greenopolis Recycling System. Today Anthony serves as the Creative Director of Greenopolis. "There can only be one change to any problem – change in attitude and consciousness.”
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New merger of recycling pioneers holds promise for a greener future

Today, I’m both excited and delighted to be part of a merger that should be welcome news for everyone concerned about the keeping the planet habitable: the union of Greenopolis Social Recycling with the leader in consumer engagement and rewards, Recyclebank. By combining forces and resources in the months to come, these two enterprises—representing the … Continue reading

LOHAS Gathering Offers Food For Thought That’s Past Its Expiration Date

As I write this, I have just left the LOHAS conference in Boulder, CO. I left the event early after really struggling with the sessions. I’m not quite sure why, but one thing has become clear to me: the overly idealistic message and tone of the conversations haven’t changed. It’s still “ Big Is Bad”, … Continue reading

Preservation Can Benefit From Progress

As I write this, I am on a five-hour flight from L.A. to New York, e-mailing associates and writing a blog while watching the outcome of the Casey Anthony trial on Direct TV from an altitude of 35,000 feet. Now, who could have imagined that, even as recently as 15 years ago? Back then, hardly … Continue reading

July 4th : Time to Take Stock of our Pursuit of Happiness

July 4th weekend is an occasion on which I like to do a kind of six-month gut check to reflect on what has gone well and what needs work while barbecuing and spending time with the family. So here are three brief perspectives, one work-related, one global and one personal. More and more, I am … Continue reading

Is “Green Marketing” Dead? Does It Matter?

 The on-line magazine, GreenBiz.com, carried an article recently by editor Joel Makower alleging that green marketing by companies is, in effect, dead, and included rebuttals from the heads of two firms that specialize in motivating consumers to make more beneficial choices.  I won’t bother going into their main arguments here (you can read them yourself … Continue reading

Sustainable Brands 2011: Fun And Games With a Green Message

With more than 700 folks in attendance at last week’s Sustainable Brands Conference 2011 in Monterrey, Calif., the sessions were as full as I can remember. The energy level seems to be especially high among big brands to be part of this movement. But what, exactly, is the movement? My feeling is that every company … Continue reading