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CA Goes Door-To-Door To Collect Hazardous Waste

New California law allows residential collection of batteries, paint, pesticides and more.

The Golden State is moving forward with a bold plan to crack down on illegal dumping, while also diverting more hazardous material from landfills.

California State Senate Bill 456 allows for the door-to-door collection of all hazardous waste.  The bill also makes it possible for waste collectors to consolidate and transport the collected hazardous waste to an appropriate larger facility.

California State Senator Bob Huff

Illegal dumping has become an increasing problem for California.  Senator Bob Huff (R), author of the measure, has suggested that one of the major problems with hazardous waste collection is inconvenience.

Until now, it was necessary for residents to drive a long distance to an approved HHW collection facility, leading many residents to illegally dump items like batteries, paint and pesticides.  The law is seen as a way to encourage residents to take legal routes of disposal by making it more convenient.

To take advantage of the new law, residents simply make an appointment for residential collection.  And by all accounts the law is having a positive and immediate effect.  The current average for a door-side pick-up is about 85lbs her household, resulting not only in less illegal dumping, but also a significant move toward zero waste going to landfill.

Either way, the environment benefits.  And that––as Martha would say––is a very good thing!

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One thought on “CA Goes Door-To-Door To Collect Hazardous Waste

  1. Way to go, lets get this programa implamented out here in the Midwest.

    Posted by Grisel Romero | November 7, 2011, 3:42 am

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