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Dallas to Be First Texas City to Recycle Food and Drink Cartons

The city of Dallas recently announced a new effort to become the first city in the state of Texas to add food and drink containers to its residential curbside recycling program.

Previously no “contaminated” containers such as pizza boxes, juice, milk and other food and drink cartons were accepted in the city’s recycling bins. Now residents will be able to place all empty cartons in both their blue recycling bins and community recycling drop-off locations.

Working with the Carton Council, a group of carton manufacturers committed to increasing American carton recycling, the city will not only increase recycling rates, but will also save the city millions of dollars.

In an article on 1800Recycling.com Sheila Overton, the City of Dallas Waste Diversion Manager, said “We want to create and take advantage of all the opportunities available to recycle more items such as cartons, and to continue to increase the number of recyclable materials that can be saved from landfills. With the support of the Carton Council, we have been able to make this a reality in Dallas.”

Last year, the City of Dallas recycled more than 50,000 tons of materials, and is on track to recycle nearly 65,000 tons this year.

About Trish Broome

Trish is a half Korean hip hop head who writes satire music articles on The Rap Insider and muses over culture and diversity on Mixed Nation. In her spare time you can find her eating kimchi or tweeting at @TheGreenGroove.



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