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New merger of recycling pioneers holds promise for a greener future

recyclebank greenopolis merger

Today, I’m both excited and delighted to be part of a merger that should be welcome news for everyone concerned about the keeping the planet habitable: the union of Greenopolis Social Recycling with the leader in consumer engagement and rewards, Recyclebank. By combining forces and resources in the months to come, these two enterprises—representing the country’s most progressive reprocessing and tracking programs—will now be in a position to introduce ever more innovative recycling technologies designed to raise consumer participation to new levels.

The accomplishments of both companies in this emerging field have been impressive. Recyclebank currently works with more than 300 communities to increase diversion rates by rewarding the households and consumers for taking part, and Greenopolis has developed a network of nearly 2,000 on-the-go locations in two years, which have been responsible for keeping approximately 20 million beverage containers out of landfills. Given these accomplishments, there’s no telling what new advancements in the field might result from their working together.

And here’s some icing on the cake: in the years to come, Recyclebank will offer its rewards platform to Waste Management’s 20 million customers. The scale and scope it offers is what the recycling industry needs to be really effective in closing loops, so that rather than energy being wasted in the creation of new packaging, existing containers can continue to be reused.

This marriage marks a big step towards our goals of greatly reducing the waste of our planet’s precious resources and the pollution that accompanies it. Congratulations to all involved at Recyclebank, Greenopolis and Waste Management who helped bring this about. The people and the planet owe you a debt of gratitude.

recyclebank greenopolis earth day

About Anthony Zolezzi

Anthony was the co-founder of Code Blue Recycling which was acquired by Waste Management and the predecessor to the Greenopolis Recycling System. Today Anthony serves as the Creative Director of Greenopolis. "There can only be one change to any problem – change in attitude and consciousness.”


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