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Recycle Bowl, green commandments, and little children lead the way

You may have a religious affiliation, you may not; but chances are, somewhere in your holy texts or your philosophy of life, teaching children do’s and dont’s stands out as important. See, most of us agree, it’s a lot easier to start good habits, then to undo bad ones. This goes for everything from not lying to leaving the last doughnut for someone else.

But perhaps the most important “commandment” we can pass along to today’s youth is a sense of caring. Not just for each other, but for the earth we share as well.

With this in mind, from Oct. 17 to Nov. 12, Keep America Beautiful is sponsoring the Recycle Bowl, an earth-friendly challenge for the K-12 age group. In a nutshell, classrooms within the same school, or schools across the nation, face-off to be the best recyclers for one month. This means an all out effort to recycle all the paper, plastic, cardboard and other recyclable materials used at the school, then tallying the results to become the ultimate green king of the hill.

Using nifty scorecards, logos and posters from the Recycle Bowl website, as well as oodles of ideas, tips and pointers, schools can promote and initiate this event with ease.

Overall, school pride motivates. Rah rah! But this contest goes a bit further – prizes anyone?

$1000 for the best recyclers in each state and $2500 for the top banana overall.

It’s true you know. The little children can and will lead, if we as grownups give them the tools and the incentive to develop green habits early on.

By providing a strong foundation of do’s and don’ts for our kids, we can help them develop a sense of caring for others as they grow. With programs like Recycle Bowl, we go the extra mile and teach a few green commandments as well.

Hats off to Keeping America Beautiful… and all others who recognize the value of early (green) education.


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