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Park Service Receives 2011 Environmental Award for Yosemite Composting Program

Delaware North Companies Parks & Resorts, the lodging hospitality arm that operates Yosemite National Park’s visitor services, was recently awarded an environmental award by the National Park Service. The award acknowledges a composting program that was launched in 2010 as an extension of a comprehensive recycling program.

Since 1990 Yosemite has had a successful recycling program, but for years Mariposa County (where Yosemite is located) wanted to figure out a way to include composting food waste. In 2006 the county opened a composting facility, but it wasn’t located on park grounds because of space limitations and concerns of wildlife breaking into composting tubs.

Image: nps.gov

Finally in October 2010 the National Park Service at Yosemite began collecting organic waste at a housing complex in Yosemite Valley, and since then it has expanded to Ahwahnee Hotel, Yosemite Lodge at the Falls, Degnan’s Deli and The Loft. It also includes the kitchens at Curry Village, Village Grill, White Wolf Lodge, Tuolumne Meadows Lodge and the High Sierra Camps.

So far the composting program has sent 216 tons of organic food and paper waste to Mariposa  county’s composting facility.

Composting food waste isn’t the only green initiative that Yosemite has enacted. Others include:

  • Restaurants and food service locations that use dish containers made of plant starch and potato
  • Paper products made with recycled paper.
  • The use of diesel-electric hybrid trams.
  • A no-idling vehicle policy.
  • A ride-share program for employees.
  • The installation of a 672 kW solar power system.

Congratulations to Delaware North Companies Parks & Resorts for being a socially responsible company that cares about our national parks!

Learn more about his award on the Yosemite website.

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