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12 Reasons to Recycle Beer Cans into a DIY Solar Heater

Build your own pop can solar furnace that can bring 175 degree air onto your home on any sunny day!

Line of beer cansphoto © 2009 Al E. | more info (via: Wylio)

Usually we want you to bring all your aluminum beer and soda cans to your nearest Greenopolis Recycling Kiosk or PepsiCo Dream Machine. But as summer winds to a close in a few weeks,  I think it’s ok to hold some cans back and make yourself a solar furnace from a few simple materials and bring heat from the sun right into your home this winter.

Here’s a few interesting video clips and some sites to build your own pop can solar furnace that can bring 175 degree air onto your home on any sunny day!

Here’s another good video to inspire you…

And here are 12 reasons from Squidoo to build a beer can solar heater:

  1. Accelerate the heating of a cold room without relying on your home furnace
  2. Reusing (instead of recycling) perfectly good cardboard and beer cans (soda cans are OK too) instead of trashing them
  3. Keeps you from having to stand in line to get your deposit back on your cans
  4. Wacky conversation piece with your friends and neighbors
  5. Instead of buying a sheet of aluminum for $24 at home depot, you get to drink $24 worth of beer
  6. You don’t have to perfectly shape a sheet of aluminum. Instead you poke holes in beer cans and stack them.
  7. Gives you another good use for duct tape
  8. Family fun in constructing beer can towers
  9. Educate your kiddies to the various kinds of beer by using the project as a sorting drill. (e.g.: MGD goes in this stack, Hamm’s goes in that pile.)
  10. Makes your neighbors thankful you didn’t build an external unit onto the outside of your house.
  11. Makes women jealous that their man didn’t think of doing it. Actually, they’re jealous that their men didn’t DO anything – and that you did!
  12. Your wife loves that you actually got off your butt and did something constructive.

There are instructions on the Squidoo site for building the heater as well as Hemming’s Auto Blogs, Planet Green’s Beer Can Solar Collector, http://www.sorkollektor.hu/eng/ and a Mother Earth News’ article “Build a Simple Solar Heater“; but the first step is emptying all those beer cans. Can’t wait to get started!


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I'm Senior Manager for Community Engagement and Development at Greenopolis.com; a hunter and naturalist, rabbinic student and maple sugar maker, husband of Sara and father of 5 terrific children.


One thought on “12 Reasons to Recycle Beer Cans into a DIY Solar Heater

  1. This is brilliant. Who knew? I’m going to try to talk my husband in to doing this with me. At least I know he’ll be interested in the part where you have to drink the beer to get the cans.

    Posted by The Natural Health Doc | August 9, 2011, 4:55 pm

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