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Austin’s “Dare To Go Zero” Reality Show: The First Elimination: Episode 2

This is the third in a series of blogs highlighting the unique waste-reducing reality TV series produced by this earth-friendly Texas city.

2010 Operation Rising Star Final Night - 15photo © 2010 U.S. Army | more info (via: Wylio)

For reality TV shows, their bread and butter moment is at the end of each episode, when mounting tension glues viewers to their seats for the who’s-going-home climax.

Episode 2 of Austin’s Dare To Go Zero is no exception. MC Michael strings viewers along like all great TV hosts, waiting until all the facts and figures are in before wielding the ax. (He’s really good at this whole reality TV gig – I think he missed his calling).

Other highlights: Special guest, composting expert, Jason Sanders,  explains the ABC’s of composting (what’s up with “browns and greens”); the Dare To Go Zero Challenge ” goes home” and contestants struggle to make winning lifestyle changes:

After watching this episode I connected with Green Team member Cassandra Johnson.

Me: What was it like to go through an elimination?

Cassandra: It felt like Big Brother or another one of those reality shows.  We were all like, Okay…we’ve gotta buckle down and do this.  Ashley and myself were in it (initially) for Marty, but when we saw they (the show’s producers) weren’t playing, we had to get with it.

Cassandra’s team, who won the First Episode Challenge, struggled a bit with challenge number 2, but perhaps they had good reason?

Cassandra: Well, it was a timed competition, but right in the middle of it, the lights for the cameras decided they wanted to combust!!!  I mean the (filming) light literally caught on fire and flames were coming out!!!  Although kinda scary, we kept with the flow and let the crew put the fire out!

More seriously, Cassandra said participating in the program helped their family in many more ways than they could have imagined. Daughter Marty, for instance, opened up about issues she had been nervous to bring up before.

Cassandra: We realized that Marty felt like she couldn’t talk to us about some things she saw we weren’t used to doing: but she wanted to do.  During the show, she made the comment to us that she never thought we would be recyclers.  When asked why she never said anything before to us since she felt that way, she said, “Because I really didn’t think y’all could do it.”  This made us realize how our habits were effecting her and changed that issue in our household.

Since the show, the Green team has been urging friends and family to go green as well. While building a new home, Casandra got her parents on board while living with them, which by the way, has made Marty very happy.

By helping her parents turn a greener leaf, Cassandra says this reinforces the old saying, Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

I say, that kinds sums up the green movement in a nutshell.

Stay tuned…

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