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Video Recycling Guide Gets You Recycling, Lickety Split!

Friend of Greenopolis and sometime blogger on the site Petunia Green Beans has developed a lovely little video on recycling and living lightly on the planet. With music great visuals, a cameo by Tristan and Tyler- probably the cutest twins ever-and star turns by Greenopolis bloggers Live Green Mom and Ecolicious Mama, she covers composting, material reduction, and recycling. Best of all, she plugs Greenopolis joyfully. We like that.

About godsdoghowls

I'm Senior Manager for Community Engagement and Development at Greenopolis.com; a hunter and naturalist, rabbinic student and maple sugar maker, husband of Sara and father of 5 terrific children.


2 thoughts on “Video Recycling Guide Gets You Recycling, Lickety Split!

  1. Yippeee!! I am honored, thank you so much for spreading the love! So many great beans contributing AND of course, the most amazing thing to happen to recycling since the 5 cent deposit: Greenopolis!!! Rock on Joe!!

    Posted by Petunia GreenBeans | July 14, 2011, 4:33 pm
  2. Thanks for including Tristin and Tyler in the Guide! What a great idea with super great tips and tricks on recycling!!

    Posted by Tiffany Casanova | July 20, 2011, 6:17 pm

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