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Trash to Gas

Waste Management just launched their 1000th truck to be run off of liquefied natural gas, a bi-product from trash in found in landfills. This closed loop system promotes a healthier environment because the harvested gas used as fuel is clean burning, reducing carbon emissions and greenhouse gases as well as reducing petroleum dependency as much as 8 million gallons a year!


2 thoughts on “Trash to Gas

  1. Trash to gas? Gasoline you mean? Americans have already turned their fat noses up at Euro-Diesels that guarantee 40% more power out put per gallon of a once-upon-a-time cheaper, additive free, diesel fuel,(now manipulated by the corporate propagandists who justify by bull Shiite logic, even higher prices than for gasoline) which can come from restaurants, chip stands, even some industrial processes, as well as from Algae, and yes even garbage! Diesel is a full 40% more efficient due to laws of thermodynamics, because of the higher compression ratios used! Canadians use diesels in their mines, equipped with “buffers’ to make exhaust safe for workers!.
    Will the current economic crisis wake the American people from their well propagandized, mesmerized, “American Dream” and lead them to see, that they are really suckers to the world! Even China provides nuclear derived electric bullet train networks to its population at reasonable cost per ride, and at an astounding 320 Kph! and on a reliable daily schedule that is kept accurate to within seconds. Even worse, Americans are forced by a political uranium cartel to endure plutonium creating, high physical quantity of dangerous waste output, extremely expensive to build, Uranium fed reactors.
    China ( and the rest of the world) strives to perfect, and in fact may have already done so, LFTR reactors. Thorium (safer fuel, cheaper fuel, most plentiful fissionable fuel in the world) fed, plutonium free (plutonium , only use, bomb making, is the most virulent humanocide known to mankind and lasts 100 thousands of years, is only found in American designed reactors not in Chinese LFTR’s), low physical amount of low danger waste products, benign after only 3 hundred years storage, LFTR reactors are smaller simpler, cheaper to build by a factor of 10. Thorium is in ample supply in the world – estimates. if all reactors were of the economical LFTR type. indicate a thousand years supplies already well defined, proven. Australia has the largest proven reserves.
    America! Stuck on stupid! Insists on using low compression highly inefficient gasoline engines on slow moving dangerous serial form highways that demand horrendous maintenance costs, expensive bridges, clover-leafs under and over-passes, expensive policing, all to get a few folk from A to B. China resolves mid-length travel with LIFTR reactor created electricity, driving Electric bullet train networks, powering their entire infrastructures and producing goods for world markets in Oil Free fashion, without the “Tax” of the parasitical OPEC and Saudi nations!
    Americans need to give up expensive Oil based transport and move to LFTR nuclear electric technologies just to keep up with China, and the rest of Asia for that matter! Gasoline driven rubber tired technology has seen its day, has proven inefficent in all respects, and electric driven steel wheel to steel rail technologies, a full 400% more efficient have moved in, to Asia at first, and by economic necessity to America next!

    Posted by Bruce Miller | July 14, 2011, 7:03 pm
  2. All North Americans must be made aware of the high value of humanure, and how it can substantially reduce running costs. humanure can be bio-gasses for methane gas, methane gas will so run public buses, it does so in Oslo, Norway as we speak! Parts of Sweden have methane powered buses, and large diesels run well with this fuel as an additive to very small quantities of diesel for ignition. The sludge remaining after bio-gassing for methane content has proven to be a very valuable top-soil enhancing fertilizer for fields.
    China feeds humanure to large lagoons where they carefully breed proper types of Algae, feed Carp with it, then catch the Carp, grind them into fish-food pellets, that are exported for cash returns, to Southern Asian countries that feed game-fish in large fish farms. They produce large frozen blocks of fish, send them to packagers on the U.S. and Canada, where they are repackaged, and marked “Product of U,S,A”, or “Product of Canada”, as is legal due to the re-packaging process, and sold in Super Market chains across the North American Continent! This system was exposed by CBC’s “Market Place” consumer’s protection show 6 months ago! Nothing has changed! Not even labeling! We eat Chinese Shiite! So large Multi-National investors can eat Caviar, drive Maybach cars, liv in armed guarded gated villas in the bet climate on earth.

    Posted by Uncle B | July 14, 2011, 7:26 pm

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