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8 Unique Tables Made from Recycled Material

Most of us own tables made from traditional material like wood, metal or plastic. The table is probably nothing fancy, and it does the trick of holding what we want it to hold. But what if you could have a non-traditional table that not only looked cool, but was also made from recycled material?

You can, and these 8 tables are proof!

Recycled Magazines

Image: bedzine.com

This table made from recycled magazines was designed by Artists for Humanity, a Boston-based organization whose mission is “to bridge economic, racial and social divisions by providing underserved youth with the keys to self-sufficiency through paid employment in the arts.”

Recycled Car Hood

Images: weldhouse.com

Joel Hester, the owner of a Texas-based furniture company named the Weld House, designs tables, armoires and bed frames from the hoods of old cars.

Recycled Cutlery

Image: keetsa.com

Why bring utensils to the table when you can just tear them off the table?

Recycled Snowboards

Image: snowshack.com

You may just have the best picnic ever while eating on this table made from recycled snowboards.

Recycled Gearbox

Image: switchedonset.com

All you car lovers out there will appreciate this futuristic-looking table made from a recycled gearbox pedestal.

Recycled Phonebooks

Image: modernurbanliving.com

This table was designed by Rodrigo Jaroseski of Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Recycled Bicycle Wheels

Image: designtopnews.com

This unique table (which is surprisingly sturdy) is called The Fontanta Arte Tour Table, and it’s designed by French artists Gae Aulenti.

Recycled Gears and Chains

Image: kathisgardenart.blogspot.com

This table is made from recycled gears and chains that have been welded together.

About Trish Broome

Trish is a half Korean hip hop head who writes satire music articles on The Rap Insider and muses over culture and diversity on Mixed Nation. In her spare time you can find her eating kimchi or tweeting at @TheGreenGroove.


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