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Recycle Your Oil and Benefit Keep America Beautiful

We are all used to recycling newspapers, aluminum cans, glass and plastic, but there are many less obvious items that are easy to recycle and make a difference. Valvoline has launched NextGen recycled motor oil, so it’s easy for motorists to use motor oil that protects their engine and reuses oil that’s already been drilled for and pumped.

Valvoline is promoting conservation through motor oil recycling, and is challenging Americans do their part through their Let’s Do M.O.R.E. program. Unlike Big Oil, Valvoline’s sole focus is motor oil, so recycling old oil into new product makes sense for them. They can sell the same oil again and again.

Since base oil doesn’t completely wear out – it simply gets dirty – used oil can be re-refined and re-used. Today’s re-refining process offers environmental benefits, lessening the carbon footprint (versus crude refining) while producing base oil just as good as crude.

You can show your commitment to closing the loop by pledging to recycle your oil and using recycled oil products. For each person who pledges, Valvoline will donate $1 to Greenopolis Partner Keep America Beautiful to help protect and preserve our community environments.

Some factoids on the issue:

  • American cars and trucks use over three billion quarts of motor oil each year.
  • One gallon of improperly disposed oil can contaminate up to one million gallons of drinking water.
  • If every American switched to NextGen recycled motor oil, it would save 400 million gallons of crude oil. That’s enough barrels to stretch from New York to Los Angeles and back – every year.
  • The more you recycle, the more used motor oil there is to create re-refined oil and lessen our dependency on foreign and other crude oil sources. What goes around comes around.
  • The use of recycled oil significantly cuts energy use compared to drilling and refining crude oil from the ground. Use what we’ve got rather than drilling for more.
  • Made from 50 percent recycled oil, NextGen saves resources and energy and is better for the environment, exceeding industry specifications with reduced environmental impact compared to non-recycled motor oil.

So “close the loop” on motor oil by committing to “Do M.O.R.E.” Keep old motor oil going round and round again, and keep new crude in the ground where it belongs.

About godsdoghowls

I'm Senior Manager for Community Engagement and Development at Greenopolis.com; a hunter and naturalist, rabbinic student and maple sugar maker, husband of Sara and father of 5 terrific children.


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